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Integral Magick Notebook

Snapshots of a book in progress

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This is a writing journal for kaidevis' book about magick, tentatively titled Scientia, Magica, Mystica: Towards an Integral Magick. This journal serves as a repository for rough drafts, research notes, quotes, and supplemental material. Everything should be tagged for easy reference.

One of the first projects for this journal is polishing up the summary of the book to go here. A brief (though not complete) summary of the initial background, thoughts, and goals regarding Wilber's integral model and occultism as they pertain to integral magick may be found here.

"We are ever abandoning our past, ever maturing. Magick must be included and dealt with in our collective psychology if we are to grow as a culture, a society, and a species into the next stage of our perpetual adolescence. Outherwise its immature youth will haunt us as surely as a ghost, as it has for centuries. Magick must grow with us. We must carry it to a more complete understanding that fits with everything we know so far. We need an integral model of magick." --Notebook IJ2.A5

Goals of this journal:
  • Sort each major topic in the book
  • Gather pre-writing in one location
  • Receive early feedback about ideas and writing
  • Track development of the Integral Magick model
  • Gather early stages of Integral Magick network

Original community announcement and mission statement.
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